Do You Have A Photo Mess? I’m Getting Ready For Save Your Photo Month, Are You?

September is Save Your Photo Month, and the Family History Hound is having 30 days of tips to get you back on track and organizing your photos and other media.

Each day you’ll receive a tip telling you how you can organize your photo collection.

A party isn’t a party without prizes, so we have a contest at the same time where you can enter to win one of five prizes which have a total value of over $300 Canadian.

There is even a Facebook group to join called Getting My Poop In A Group. Where you can discuss your photo organizing challenges and cheer each other on.

If you’d like to get the 30 days of Photo Tips, then you can join HERE. If you participated last year, you will have to sign up again as we don’t reuse our mailing list.

In the meantime, what can you do to prepare for Save Your Photo Month? Start thinking about what you’d like to accomplish? Do you have particular albums you’d like to get through? Or do you have boxes of family photos?

If you struggle with staying with the task then perhaps you can find a friend to organize your photos with? Something like having an exercise buddy. I’ve asked my cousins if we can do it together. I’m sure it will be more fun that way.

Sign up and let’s get our “Poop in a Group” in September.