The Greatest Gift of All

Christmas 1968, my two brothers and two cousins. Enhanced with MyHeritage One of my Christmas memories is of my brother Ted sitting for a couple of hours and looking at … Continue Reading →

Do You Have A Winter Project?

I can attest that I often have many genealogy-related projects on the go. There are people in the house that might say I have too many. lol One of the … Continue Reading →

Is Someone Taking Over Your Genealogy?

Recently, my cousin Ron (2nd cousin 2x removed) and I were talking about his upcoming move, and he was telling me the new place would have room for his 4 … Continue Reading →

Saving Your Genealogy FOREVER – Step Four

I posted before about how I’m saving my genealogy FOREVER. There is a part one and two, and three will be coming soon. But for now, I will postpone three … Continue Reading →

Decluttering Your Home

(This is a continuation of my series on decluttering. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here.) Decluttering your home, office, and vehicle will change your life … Continue Reading →

How to Stop Accumulating Clutter in Your Life and Mind

How to Stop Accumulating Clutter in Your Life and Mind Most people don’t set out in life to have too many physical possessions or to have a lot of clutter … Continue Reading →

Declutter, Organize & Breath

September is coming up fast. Somehow September seems like the perfect time to get organized. For me, it’s that feeling of getting ready for school. As old as I am, … Continue Reading →

Cooking With Family – Update

There always is an abundance of zucchini this time of year, so it seemed appropriate to make something with the zucchini I found at the farmer’s market. So this time … Continue Reading →

Do You Look At Your Old Genealogy?

My first question is, what do you do with those bits and bobs of information you’ve found over the years that didn’t connect with your tree? But perhaps you thought … Continue Reading →

What Advice Would You Give To A New Genealogist?

This week’s question is about advice. What’s the best advice you’d give to a new genealogist?