Is Someone Taking Over Your Genealogy?

Recently, my cousin Ron (2nd cousin 2x removed) and I were talking about his upcoming move, and he was telling me the new place would have room for his 4 drawers of genealogy files. Of course, that got us on to who will take over our research. He told me he didn’t have an heir-apparent, and we joked about me coming with my trailer to pick up the cabinet. I told him that I always say that if my sons throw out my genealogy, I’m going to haunt them.

So I thought I’d ask. Do you have someone that’s going to take over your genealogy? Are you able to donate it to a local archive or genealogy group, and if so, is there a certain way that they will accept it?

Please comment below. I’m looking for ideas.

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  • Susan Koelble says:

    None of my children or grandchildren are interested in my genealogy. I have scanned everything and have left instructions for the actual research, documents and pictures to go to The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. I have 300 years of Philadelphia ancesters and feel this is the best place for them.
    I am sure any Genealogical Society in the right location would be happy to get the donation.

  • Robert Franz says:

    A great question and one that has been on my mind recently as I move from downstairs to upstairs due to mobility issues. Unfortunately none come to mind, including the genealogy society I belong to.

  • Deb Trout says:

    My daughter and a couple of nephews are interested. I am also writing the family stories for those that don’t want all the other ‘stuff’. I am also trying to minimalize what I have in my files.

    • Great that you are writing the stories. Often we are the only generation left that knows the details. I totally get the minimalizing. I’m digitizing and only keeping the things that can’t be found on the internet or that have been handed down. Happy hunting.

  • Elaine says:

    Thankfully, our son is as interested in genealogy/family history as my husband and I are (he organised our very first set of DNA tests back in 2012) so it will all go to him. Just hoping our grandson (or any other kids they may have) will be equally interested….

  • Judy Roberts says:

    I have done both my spouse and my family histories. I have a niece on my maternal side who is interested and will take that side. My paternal side has no living close relatives that are known, except me., so still trying to find a taker. My husbands side also is very distant and cannot locate any one who is interested in it. Is there a way to locate Genealogical societies that might be interested ?

    • Judy, Glad you have some people interested in some of the families. To find genealogical societies I would just Google the location that you thing would be appropriate and see what comes up. It doesn’t have to be the origin it could be a location where more of your people went to live. Then it’s more likely to have someone that could be interested. You can also check for historical societies. Hope that helps. Happy Hunting.