Do You Have A Winter Project?

I can attest that I often have many genealogy-related projects on the go. There are people in the house that might say I have too many. lol

One of the things I’ve been working quite hard at recently is organizing all my physical documents. I’ve made it my new habit that if I get a new record, I enter it into my genealogy software, scan it, put it in my genealogy folders on my computer, and upload it to my FOREVER genealogy album.

If you need to see what I’m doing, you can read all about it on my overview page, which can be found HERE.

I have to tell you that I’m really feeling good about where I am in the process. I feel less stressed, and although I still have more to do, I can achieve my goal of reorganizing my physical items and having all my genealogy stored in FOREVER and preserved for my lifetime plus 100 years.

Also, I’ll be setting up groups in FOREVER over the winter. Groups are the way you can share albums with family and friends. So, I intend to create several groups, which you’ll find in Connections (this used to be called Friends and Family). I’ll make groups for each side of my family and then invite cousins to those groups. Anyone you invite will have to set up an account, but then they can access any album that includes the group.

Do you have a genealogy project for the winter? If so, please tell me more in the comments below.

Please accept my invitation if you’d like to check out FOREVER. You’ll receive 2GB of FOREVER Storage and $20 to spend in the next 60 days. I’ll be your FOREVER Ambassador, and I’m ready to help you with your own project.

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