The Past Holds The Key To The Future

If you’ve seen my business card, you’ll know that it says something very similar to the title of this blog. My card says; “to know where we are going… we must know where we are from”.

This isn’t a new idea; I’ve seen similar quotes. But the key thing is that we can learn so much about ourselves through our ancestors and from our DNA.

Yesterday one of my friends; and I proudly call Randy Seaver from Genea-Musings my friend, had a post about a YouTube video of a TED Talk given by MyHeritage Chief Science Officer Yaniv Erlich. In the talk, Yaniv tells us how the past holds the key to the future.

Please take a few minutes and have a listen. I’ve heard Yaniv speak before and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and you’ll learn that there is so much that we can gather from genealogy and DNA and that these are exciting times.

Keep working on your genealogy because it’s a window to the past and the future.

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