What Can You Find In The News?

Edmonton Journal 26 November 1955Edmonton Journal 26 November 1955 Sat, Nov 26, 1955 – 41 · Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) · Newspapers.com

One thing I always do when I’m researching various members of the family is I check and see if I can find something in Newspapers.com. I especially like this site now that they have more Canadian newspapers in their listings. In some case; like the Edmonton Journal, you have to upgrade to get the Publishers Extra, but for me, it was worth it because I’ve found so many family members in the news.

Not because they were nefarious but for other reasons. Like my uncle who was selling a tape recorder in 1955 classified ads or the ad shown above where my grandfather was having an auction when he was moving back to Edmonton.

Are they huge finds? No… but still exciting and I would have never found these articles if I didn’t just search the last name and take “a lucky dip”.

What could you find if you searched the news for your family name? Give it a try. By the way, Newspapers.com is having a sale so Publishers Extra right nows a good time to get your subscription. Especially if you need one of the extra subscriptions like I do for the Edmonton Journal.

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  • Thomas says:

    Maybe I am not seeing this 50% off link but I see only a 2.75 savings for basic 6 month and $44 savings on extra (about $75 for 6 month subscription). Clicked on both newspaper.con links above. Thx!

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