Add A Bit Of Color With MyHeritage

A couple of days ago, I got an email from MyHeritage telling me they’d added a new feature to their site. Now you can colorize your black and white photos with just a click of a button.

I didn’t get a chance to use it until around midnight, but after you see what it can do, you’ll know why I was up late trying it out and posting the results to my Facebook page? It was so easy to use, and the photos turned out wonderfully.

Here is a sample of what it did for a photo of my grandparents, Harold and Gladys Thompson.

To give it a try for yourself, go to MyHeritage, and in the Family Tree tab, you’ll see Colorize Photos NEW. Click HERE for easy access to MyHeritage.

Then go to the Upload Photo button and choose the black and white photo you’d like to colorize. Selecting the picture is the hardest part of it all; after that, it’s so easy because the tool does all the work.

Here’s another excellent example. This is a family portrait of the Beaton family, including Willie Beaton (the small boy). Yes, Willie from the Beaton/Batten Mystery.

You can colorize ten photos before you’ll have to pay.

I’m impressed with the ease of use for this new feature, and I could have stayed up all night trying it on my other family photos.

What photos are you going to try it on?

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