Art Journal

What have you been doing during these weeks…. months of Covid-19 seclusion? Genealogy? Genetic Genealogy? Photo organizing?

I’ve been doing all of the above, but there are always more things to do, it seems. One of the other things I have done is to create an art journal. I did that for a couple of reasons.

One of the reasons was to do something that represented something that wasn’t any of the things I mentioned above. Those are all things that, although I love to do them, are, at times, a job. Because I do it literally every day all day long.

That was one reason, the other was that I’d just gone to a digital scrapbooking weekend (virtual of course) and I saw the beautiful things that people created and I wondered … could I make something like that?

So my Art Journal was born. What ended up coming out of it is I have a few pieces that I think are ok and for the moments that I work on them, they made me feel calm and made me forget about all the things that might be going on in the world and in my life.

Here are a few of the things that I have created. Not a lot because I only started this in May.

What the art journal lets me do is take a few moments to learn some new techniques in digital scrapbooking and try them out with no pressure for it to be “something” or “for something.”

I created the art journal in my FOREVER Artisan program. Think of it like a scribbler I created in the program that can literally have as many pages as I want to add to it. I’ve been using the program for over 15 years, so over the years, I’ve bought digital art for it as well. I’ll be honest; lately, I’ve become a bit of a digital art junkie. But I do try and wait for sales.

Digital art is bought in kits, and they come with paper and embellishments, or you can buy those separately. There are some larger kits than others, so sometimes you get quite a variety of things to work with.

My idea was that if I created the journal and I worked on it a bit each week, then I’d have a way of seeing whether my techniques improved over the year. I also call it a journal because sometimes I do just make a journal page, and I write about what’s going on in life. At the end of the year, if I wanted to, I could print it at FOREVER print as a soft or hardcover book.

The best part of the journal is how it makes me feel; happy. What are you doing to make yourself feel happy?

CouponQueen Note: if you’re interested in FOREVER Artisan.. always look at the DEALS page at FOREVER to see if there is a sale.

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