Cali Has Another DNA Test, This Time With Ancestry

You know how interested I am in DNA, so Cali has to be interested, too, right? Well, maybe not so much. (Never fear… Cali never does anything she doesn’t want … Continue Reading →

RootsTech 2024 Round-Up

I can’t believe it’s been a week since RootsTech. If you missed being in Salt Lake, you can still enjoy the virtual event from the comfort of your home by … Continue Reading →

It’s Back – The Family History Hound Ninja RootsTech Giveaway

The Family History Hound ninja is back for RootsTech 2024. The Family History Hound is doing her best ninja impression in the RootsTech Expo Hall and looking for a prize. … Continue Reading →

Let’s Try Some Artificial Intelligence On My Genealogy

Note that I have tried to show ChatGPT’s written results so that they appear separate from my own. I’ve done this by either putting it in bold or if I … Continue Reading →

Genealogy & DNA News

I was going to write another post about artificial intelligence this week, but there was too much news that I decided to postpone the AI post until next week. (If … Continue Reading →

Cooking With Family – Update

These were some of my absolute favorite cookies growing up. As an adult, I know they are a red-light food for me (Weight Watcher term). They are easy to make … Continue Reading →

Declutter, Organize & Breath

September is coming up fast. Somehow September seems like the perfect time to get organized. For me, it’s that feeling of getting ready for school. As old as I am, … Continue Reading →

Got DNA Results? What You Should Do First

There are a few reasons why people take a DNA test that I can think of, and you can probably think of more I know there are many of you … Continue Reading →

I Was Today Years Old When I Learned That WikiTree Had Birthday Parties

I was today years old when I learned that WikiTree has a Birthday Party. But I’m not missing this one. On Friday, November 3, 6am – Sunday, November 5, 2023, … Continue Reading →

Who Has Helped You The Most With Your Family History?

This week’s question is, who has helped you the most with your family history? That’s a tough one for me because I’ve had help so often over the years. Before … Continue Reading →