Declutter, Organize & Breath

September is coming up fast. Somehow September seems like the perfect time to get organized. For me, it’s that feeling of getting ready for school. As old as I am, you’d think that would have gone away.

So this month is about decluttering and getting organized, and maybe by doing that, we’ll feel a bit more in control, and we can breathe a bit easier because we know “we’ve got this”.

On my blog, there will be articles about decluttering and organizing, and I’m also offering three Zoom sessions for those of you who have FOREVER or are thinking about it. During these sessions, you’ll learn how to navigate, upload, and organize, and the third session will be about Saving Your Genealogy In FOREVER.

Register HERE for one or all three Zoom sessions. There is a limited amount of spots, so don’t wait.

If you’d like to sign up for a FREE FOREVER account and receive 2GB of FOREVER Storage to try out and get $20 to spend, you can accept my invitation HERE.

If you’re not already a member of my pack (after all, many of you are Family History Hounds like I am), you can sign up here, or click the form below, and you won’t miss a post. By joining, you’ll not only get updates on blogs, but you’ll also receive special offers from my genealogy friends and they’ll all come to your inbox.

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