Cooking With Family – Update

These were some of my absolute favorite cookies growing up. As an adult, I know they are a red-light food for me (Weight Watcher term). They are easy to make and a treat that can be thrown together quickly because many ingredients are in your pantry. I’m sure that’s why this was a family favorite.

The next page I put in my family heritage cookbook is Impossible Pie. Impossible pies were all the rage in the sixties. They were cool because you threw together all the ingredients, and when they baked, they magically separated into crust and filling. There were desserts and main course pies, many of which were made with Bisquick. In fact, you can still purchase The Betty Crocker Impossibly Easy Cookbook on Amazon.

Did your family make these recipes? If they did, were they different, and how so? Write in the comments below.

I’m creating a heritage cookbook out of the recipes that I have from my mother’s recipe collection of handwritten recipes. I try to make one or two items each week, take photos, and add them to my book.

If you’re interested in creating your own cookbook. Please have a look at the choices at FOREVER. This book is called Classic, and it comes in two color choices. Learn more HERE.

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  • Marcy Belles says:

    The no bake cookies were our favorite. Mom made it a lot. I think I still have the original recipe. Haven’t made them in a long time.

    • Marcy, like you I hadn’t made them in a long time but they were just as tasty as I remembered. I try to make the recipes when I know someone might be coming over so they can help me eat them.