I’m Getting My Poop In A Group This September

September always reminds me of a few things. Children going back to school, pumpkin spice everything on Amazon, and Save Your Photo Month. 2020 will mark the third year that “I’m getting My Poop In A Group” and saving my photos.

I hope you will join me and spend the month learning how you can organize your family legacy and take your collection from “crazy disorganized” to “I’ve got this.”

Recently I saw a Facebook post where the person asked; Why do you choose to save your memories?

As you can imagine, there were many replies. For me, it’s about preserving the stories and the people. One of my favorite movies is the Disney movie; Coco. The film is about The Day of the Dead and Tierra De Muertos, where all dead people get to live if they are remembered well. As a genealogist and the “keeper of the photos,” I want my people to be remembered.

But it’s not just about the family that has passed on. It’s also about our everyday photos. Photos are powerful, they take you back to a time and place in an instant, and they can also be therapeutic.

There are two ways to get daily posts. You can sign up and have them sent to your email HERE, or you can join my Facebook group, “I’m Getting My Poop In A Group” HERE. There are some old tips and some new tips, but they all have a brand new look. (If you participated in previous years, you will have to sign up again as we don’t reuse this mailing list. But you don’t have to signup again for the FB group).

An event isn’t an event without prizes, so we’ve got a Bingo card that you can use to track your accomplishments and win prizes, and there is a draw with over $375 in prizes. This is our best event ever. (Bingo card and Contest details coming soon).

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