RootsTech Is Going Virtual

RootsTech 2021 is going virtual, and it’s going to be amazing. This event is called RootsTech Connect 2021 and will be held on February 25–27, 2021, as a free, virtual event online. Yes, you read that right, FREE.

Jen Allen; the RootsTech event manager explains in the video below.

“The pandemic is giving us the opportunity to bring RootsTech to a broader audience worldwide,” said Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch International CEO. “A virtual event also allows us to expand our planning to truly make this a global celebration of family and connection.” 

Classes will be taught in many languages, and presenters will present from around the world. You’ll also be able to interact with presenters, exhibitors, and other attendees through live chat and question and answer sessions. 

This is exciting news, and with RootsTech Connect 2021 being a FREE event, it just might break the internet. You can sign up now HERE.

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