I’ve Started My 2021 Yearbook

(The screen capture is a bit fuzzy but the book will be beautiful)

It’s the end of the first week of 2021, and I’ve completed the first page in my 2021 Yearbook. I decided that if I found my grandmother’s diary, I would have been over the moon, so this is for future generations, and it’s a great way for me to see what’s happened in my year.

My approach is easy and simple to do just by working on a page a week. Let me tell you how you can do this too.

To create one, all you have to do is sign up for a Free 2GB account (which holds approx 500 photos), and you’ll receive $20 to spend in the next 60 days. You can sign up with my invitation HERE to get that. Now you’re all set.

The book I used is Simply Seven, and there are three templates; they come in tan, white, and black. But you can pick a different style, please have a look around.

Adding the photos can be done in two ways. The easiest way is if you have a smartphone (iPhone or Android) then you get the FOREVER app and sign in to your account and then all your photos will upload to your account. (Be sure to set it so that photos are uploaded when you are on wi-fi).

The other way you can add photos if you don’t want to use the app is to upload the photos you want to your account.

That’s all the mechanics of setting up; now comes the fun part. Choose seven photos from your week and add them to the first page of your book. By now, you’ve chosen the size of the book and whether it’s going to be a softcover or hardcover.

After you’ve chosen your photo, you can journal about them and your week. The system autosaves your work, and you can find your book in your print projects on your account.

Easy .. week one completed. Won’t it be wonderful at the end of 2021 to be able to look back at the year and see what you’ve done?

Here are some ideas. It’s a great way to track what your children are up to or capture how your garden grew, or the craft projects your working on or have completed. You could even set up a collaborative album where the people you invite can upload their photos. So it’s great for teams or vacation trips (once we can travel a bit more freely). Your book doesn’t even have to be week by week; you can set it up how it will suit you. Now you might need to purchase a bit more storage or a few more pages but ask me, and I can let you know when FOREVER has a great deal. (my brother’s don’t call me the Coupon Queen for nothing).

Because that’s the best part… as a FOREVER Senior Ambassador I’ll be there to help you with your projects and I’d love to see what your year looked like.

Here are some examples from my friend; Deanna’s book from 2020.


  • Joan Doyle says:

    Hi Ellen,
    This looks like it would be easy and a nice layout, but its very pricey. If I am reading things right, you have to pay $20 for the style Simply Seven, Then choose a binding style and size of which the cheapest in another $20 and then pay for your method of shipping ( which they do not explain or give prices for). A simple 21 page book ends up costing you almost $70 US and then add the cost of extra pages which bumps up the shipping cost.
    There are many cheaper methods for designing a photo book that are in Canada.

    • Joan, Yes that might be true that you can find cheaper photo books. At FOREVER there are always specials for print and for shipping. From 25% to 50% off printing and reduced prices and sometimes FREE shipping if you work on more than one project. I often post the special pricing so that people don’t overpay. I know that the books that I print are printed on archival quality paper that will last 200 years. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the books that I’ve created.

  • Bonnie B says:

    love this idea, seems easier than 52 weeks of genealogy! does Forever sync with Google Photos or can it access Google photos?