Two Things To Do This Summer (Dare to Declare)

Today is the first day of summer, and it’s a beautiful day for a walk. That’s my plan for the summer… to take lots of walks and put a lot of steps on my step tracker.

Yes, there is genealogy to be done and DNA mysteries to be solved, but this is the season I enjoy the most, so I’m going to do a few of my usual pastimes, but I’m going to put on a lot of miles as well.

So whether it’s hiking, biking, walking, swimming, gardening, or whatever activity you enjoy, do just that. ENJOY. But there are just two things I think you should do this summer.

  1. Take lots of photographs. Chronicle your summer. Create those images that will bring you back to those exact days and what you did in the summer of 2022.

But there is one caveat to this first item. If you haven’t already done it, please accept my invitation to FOREVER. Sign up for that 2GB account HERE and then once you’ve done that, go to your smartphone app store and download the FOREVER app. Now every one of those photos you take will be saved in your account. Then when you want to look at those summer photos and share them with a friend, you’ll find them easily in your app (and in your account).

2. Grab a basket or bin. Make sure it’s empty (wink).

What you’re going to do with that basket over the summer is you’re going to collect all those photo items that you have around the house. Those SD cards, jump drives, loose photos, VHS tapes, video tapes… you get the idea. Store them all in the basket (sorry, Kitty), and you’ll be ready for my September event, “September 2022 Dare to Declare”.

This event will consist of four training sessions on Tuesday afternoons to help you with your collection. Each session will be 30 min plus 10 min Q&A. The sessions will start at 2 p.m. Mountain. FOREVER is my go-to to organize my collection, so I’d like to show you how it can work for you. Here is the schedule.

September 6 –  Focus on Uploading and Deleting -app and computer overview.

September 13 – Focus on Organizing – Album structure/nested albums and using the Bulk Organizer.

September 20 – Focus on Sharing – Shareable links to photos and albums (including QR codes), collaborative albums, and Family & Friends sharing. Perfect for sharing those photos you took over the summer.

September 27 – Focus on Projects – AutoBook and Table Top Panel Demo and creating gifts.

If this sounds interesting, you can join my Facebook Group by the same name, “September 2022 Dare to Declare”. If you don’t belong to Facebook but would still like to be notified about the sessions in September, you can sign up HERE, and I’ll send you an email about the sessions as registration is made available.

That’s it… those are the two things I think you should do. Enjoy your summer.

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