Update: Calling All Genies (Genealogist, I Mean)


Where does the time go? On June 6, I posted a blog asking for some Genie help. You can read that HERE. I wrote about the challenges I have trying to find the parents of my great grandfather, William (Willie) Beaton, using DNA. I’d come up with one theory.

Two people I’m interested in are Walter Walden and Eliza Bayliss because their marriage brings together two surname lines that have shown up very strongly in my DNA matches. The problem is that I found where they married in Oxfordshire, but then this couple disappeared. So I was looking for suggestions.

I did get a couple of helpful tips and ideas.

One person advised me that quite a few Beatons and Battens lived in the Quinte area of Ontario, which I will have to investigate further.

I also received a message from a reader named Cheryl (thank you, Cheryl), who sent me several articles from the Kingston newspapers that look like they could be talking about Walter Walden from Oxfordshire.

British Whig February 10, 1874
Daily News November 16, 1875
Daily News February 24, 1876
Daily News November 21, 1879

Although I’d seen a couple of these newspaper articles before, I hadn’t seen all of these.

This Walter certainly has the same motive operandi as Walter from Oxfordshire. But if this is him, what became of Eliza, his wife? When and where did they have William (Willie)? What about William’s sister Annie?

As I learn more about my William (Willie) Beaton, it seems there are always more questions. But isn’t that the case with some of our genealogy? Isn’t that why we do genealogy? The thrill of the hunt.

Happy hunting.

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