Cali’s DNA Test

If you follow my YouTube Channel, you know I tested Cali, my little Morkie’s DNA. But if you haven’t looked, you’ll find three videos about Cali’s DNA test including the final video with her results.

Video One

I’ve tested everyone in my family’s DNA. Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second Cousins.. etc. My children know they aren’t getting an inheritance, just a lot of genealogy and DNA information. But I haven’t tested my dog, Cali.

So I purchased a Wisdom Panel from Amazon. Wisdom Panel has two types of kits, the Essential and the Premium. The difference is that the Essential kit tests for 29 medical complication and 39 traits and the Premium tests for 200+ health conditions and 35 traits, and of course, there is a higher cost for the Premium.

Video Two

In this video, I show you all the components of the kit. It includes the swabs and is administered similarly to how you would administer a Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, or Living DNA kit.

Video Three

In this video, I share the results of Cali’s Essential Kit. It shows you the breeds and the potential family tree your dog could have to get that combination of breeds (see graphic above). This would be a theory, but it’s a neat graphic. It also goes into further detail about each of the breeds your dog has and that breed’s history, traits, temperament, and care. It also goes into what genetic conditions that breed might have.

This is just one of Cali’s six breeds (screen grab from Wisdom Panel website

It also tells you if your dog has close, extended or distant relatives. Cali only had distant relatives, but I’ll ask my niece if she might test Cali’s half-sibling.

The kit also gets into the 29 health conditions Cali was tested for and gives you the results, and finally, it gives you the results from the 39 traits Cali was tested for and which of those she might have.

The whole report was quite impressive, and many resources are available to read.

Have a look at the videos I created and especially have a look at the results video where I give you a quick tour of what I learned. You can find that video HERE.

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