Five Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy The Genealogist In Your Family

As we get closer to Christmas, there is a mad rush to figure out what to buy that hard-to-buy person in your family. But if your hard-to-buy person is a genealogist, I’ve got your back. Or, if you are that genealogist, you can just share this list with your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.

1. Ancestry Gifts

If your genealogist doesn’t have an active subscription, this is easy.

If you live in the US, you can Save up to 30%* on an Ancestry®Gift Membership . All you do is go to the Ancestry website and choose the gift you want, whether it’s a 6-month or year and what level of subscription; US Discovery, World Explorer, or All Access. Learn more HERE.

Suppose your genealogist is an active member, and their membership expires soon (next 90 days. In that case, you can have them cancel their membership (they will still be able to use the membership) and then activate the new membership after their current subscription ends.

If you’re from Canada, you can purchase a subscription on the Canadian site, but there isn’t a special price (sorry) currently . You’ll need to follow the same instructions regarding whether your genealogist is a member . You can find the Canadian Ancestry Gift Subscription info HERE.


Although you won’t get this in time for Christmas, you can always give them a card with a picture of a double helix inside and tell them the package is on the way.

I’m always looking for cousins, so I might be biased about this gift.

Ancestry Canada has their DNA kits on for $79 until December 28t. Learn more HERE

Ancestry USA has DNA kits for $60 until December 31st, including a 3 months Ancestry subscription . You can learn more about that HERE.

2. Legacy Family Tree Webinars

This is another great gift; even better, it won’t break the bank. Legacy Family Tree Webinars has thousands of webinars that your genealogist can access. Webinars about every aspect of genealogy and DNA and priced at $49.95 U . You can learn more HERE . Your genealogist can watch whenever they want, and they receive a discount on all other purchases of software, guides, and more.

3. Your DNA Guide

Diahan Southard is an expert in the field of DNA . When she teaches you about DNA, she is entertaining and makes DNA easy to understand . Her has a six-week Academy DNA Skills Workshop and training on YDNA, Endogamey, and her DNA Tour courses are great for understanding how to navigate the various DNA testing sites . You can find a list of all her courses HERE.

4. Vivid-Pix

If your genealogist deals with fuzzy photos, then RESTORE at Vivid-Pix is the answer. This is a program you install on your computer that you can use to bring your photos back to life. But it’s not just for photos; sometimes, you have to deal with hard-to-read documents so you can enhance them and even transcribe them right in the photo’s metadata.

Vivid-Pix has two offers for Christmas.

BOGO Offer

This is great because you can buy one for your gift and keep one or give it to someone else.

Save 20% on RESTORE


This is perfect for the genealogist who is also the family photos’ keeper. I call it your “one-stop shop for all your photo solutions.” FOREVER has digitization, preservation, and creative things you can make.

Use it to preserve your photos, videos, audio records, and genealogy. It’s not like other cloud storage companies because you are purchasing, “not renting,” your space. You also set up a beneficiary to look after your account because you are purchasing for your lifetime plus 100 years. What other site does that?

With this gift, you won’t probably get the box in time, but you could print this photo and tell them the box is on its way. I’ve scanned many photos, but sometimes you just don’t have the energy or the technology to do it yourself. I’m talking especially about films, VHS tapes, cassettes, etc. This is where the FOREVER Box is the perfect solution. After digitizing them, you can store them in your FOREVER account or get them on a USB stick.

If you’re unsure what to purchase for your genealogist, you can purchase a gift certificate and let them decide for themselves. Gift Certificates start at $5 and go up to $1000, and if you sign up with my links, you’ll have me to help your genealogist along the way.

So those are my five suggestions for the genealogist on your gift-giving list, or maybe you are the genealogist, and then why not purchase for yourself. I’m sure you deserve it.

Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy the season.

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