Did You Go On A Family Vacation?

Growing up, my family vacation was spent visiting Osoyoos, British Columbia, to see my father’s cousins, the Pendergrafts. Ted and Bea Pendergraft had moved to British Columbia around 1934. Those were hard times because of the depression, but Ted was a hard worker and very enterprising. He truly was a rags-to-riches story. I recall for one of my birthdays, my aunt gave me a doll. Why do I remember that so vividly? I also remember fish in a creek up on my uncle’s mountain (he owned most of Anarchist Mountain at the time, I think), and I also remember the orchards and a fruit stand they had along the road.

Do you have a vacation memory? Comment below.


  • Marcy Belles says:

    Vacations – From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, we spent a lot of weekends camping, fishing & hiking. Dad drove school bus so we always had the summer off. Spent part of the month of July haying. When the last bale went in the barn, we hit the road. One of our trips was to see Yellowstone – we also took in Glacier NP, Mt Rushmore, Badlands, and Teddy Roosevelt Parks. In 2021, my husband & I revisited most of those.

    • I love retracing the steps of a previous generation.. or in your case going on the same vacations as you did when you were a kid. Those are the best memories and it sounds like you family made the best of your vacation time. I don’t think I’ve been to Yellowstone and I’ve never been to Mt Rushmore. Those are on my list. Happy hunting.

  • Debbie Simms says:

    My dad was in the Marine Corps. He was an enlisted soldier. We didn’t have much money. He wanted to take us camping and fishing. At the time we lived in southern Illinois. He rented a pop-up camper and all 5 of us went camping that weekend. It was beautiful along side the river. However eating was really fun. In the mornings the eggs were fried or scrambled in a tin can. They came out colored black. None of us kids wanted to eat it, but we had to.

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