Too Many Tabs Tuesday (Did I Break Starlink?)

It’s not Tuesday but Wednesday, and I couldn’t post til today because there was a worldwide outage on Starlink, which is my internet provider. Thankfully, it came up today. You really don’t realize what a lifeline the internet has become. In this household (like many of you, I’m sure), it’s not just the Internet, but it’s the way we watch TV, conduct meetings, and much more.

The tools and tabs listed here may not be new to you, but they are new to me, or I’ve forgotten them and found them again, lol.)

This post and the many posts I hope to write will be dedicated to all the blogs and tools I’d like to keep for myself, but perhaps they would also be helpful to you. Some weeks, the list may be short, and some may be long. It’s my way of cleaning up all the tabs I open, thinking I will return, only to find myself with too many open tabs. At today’s writing, I have twenty-three, but I won’t write about them all as some are multiple tabs open on Ancestry and MyHeritage.

  1. Randy Seaver has a great blog about the new Beta fan view at Ancestry. What I found interesting is that his version has options to change the fan view, which I didn’t. Those settings include the number of generations, hints, photos included, and sources. I just got my chart over the weekend, so I wonder if I’ll see more soon. (I’ve learned that this is a two-part rollout).
  2. List Perfectly In my effort to continue to downsize, as you know, I like to sell on eBay and Etsy beside my regular store, Shop the Hound. List Perfectly is a tool that can help you list in all my stores and copy over much of the information from one site to another. It works for Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Depop, Kidizen, Shopify, Instagram and more. With my link, you can save on your first month. Check it out HERE, or you can always enter FamilyHistHound at checkout and receive 30% off. I can really see the value of it as it’s saved me lots of time so far, and I’ve had an increase in sales. Woot Woot.
  3. Group Sharing at FOREVER. If you are signed up to FOREVER, I hope you are with me 🙂 Then something new is group sharing. Now you can have specific groups such as sports teams, and different sides of your family, specific friends. You decide. If you click on the link, you’ll learn more about what you can do.

How many tabs do you have open today? Comment below

Note: The post above may contain affiliate links. This means I make a small percentage of the sales via these links. This does not INCREASE the price you pay as a consumer. This is a supplement to my income so I can continue to support this blog and make donations to the Alzheimer’s’ Society.

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