Did You Have A Collection?

When I thought about this question, I realized I had a few things I collected. Early on, I had a stamp collection that I still have packed in a box somewhere. But the main things I collected were spoons. I think I got started with that because my grandmother also had a spoon collection. As you went on vacation, you’d buy spoons from different towns. At that time, I didn’t go far from home, so the collection wasn’t diverse. I got half of my grandmother’s collection when she was downsizing, along with a case built by my grandmother’s brother-in-law. Again, I have all that stored away, so it may be a part of my downsizing project next year.

Now, the only thing I really collect is Asian vases. I like going to yard sales and finding these treasures. Are they valuable? I guess that depends on what you think is valuable. I showed the pieces to an antique dealer, who said they ranged in value from $50 to $500. But certainly not one of those Antique Roadshow finds where they bought them at a yard sale for $5, and the piece is worth millions. I always joke and say I’ll be the person selling it for $5. But I like what I like, and if it brings me joy, that’s all that matters.

What did you collect, and do you still have it? Write in the comments below.

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  • Bonnie Bossert says:

    I still have my collection of bookmarks from my travels and several shelves of figurines reading, as books are a passion of mine. I also did a lot of sewing at one time and I have a collection of thimbles. Next time you’re hear I have a vase for you!

  • Marcy Belles says:

    US Postage stamps. I still have it but haven’t added to it in years. My paternal grandmother collected salt & pepper shakers.