Google Lens – Are You Using It?

(Image from the Google Play Store)

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One of the many things I like to do besides genealogy, DNA, and organizing photos is to sell collectibles. I do this on my Etsy store, eBay store, and a little on Shop the Hound.

One of my favorite tools is Google Lens, and I use it all the time to figure out the going price for things, but sometimes to just see what things are. Now, you might not be selling online, but this tool is still fantastic to discover what things are.

Sorry, I don’t have an iPhone, but I know that the app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Once you have the app installed, you can go to the app and open it. If your phone looks like mine below, you can just hit that lens button, and the app immediately opens up.

Wasn’t Cali a cutie when she was a baby?

I showed this app to my cousin, and she was amazed. The next time I saw her and her friends, they were all using it. The reason I told her was we were talking about some of the things she had from her parents. I told her not to just put things she had in a yard sale with a few dollars on them because they are valuable and to research the items first.

Here’s an example of a mega marble I got recently, but it could be anything in your house. Line up the item and click. (note: you can also open the app and search for something you took a photo of.

Instantly, you’ll get results like below, but if you need to, you can add information in the search.

Remember that the $105 on eBay isn’t necessarily what someone paid for that marble. It’s just what someone has or had it listed for. So here’s another tip for eBay.

When you are on eBay and you do a search, you get all the listings, but if you filter and scroll down to show more and then choose “sold items,” now you’ll only see what those items sold for in the past 90 days.

It works on just about anything, and as I say, it helps me price items in my stores.

If you are into selling online, you may be interested in a new site I’m using to cross-post to all my stores. It’s called List Perfectly, and if you click my link or use my code FamilyHistHound, you’ll receive 30% off your first month.

I do this because I like going to yard sales, but I don’t necessarily want more things. I like to collect Asian vases, so this way, I can keep looking, but if I find something cool, I post it online as soon as I get home. It helps me make some mad money to pay for my genealogy addictions errrr subscriptions. 🙂 Right now, you’ll see on my Etsy and eBay store that I have a lot of salt and pepper shakers. That’s because I’m trying to downsize some of the hundreds of salt and pepper shakes that I inherited from my mom that she inherited from her mom. The bonus is that I have photos of so many of my grandmother’s collections.

Be sure to tell me what you find with Google Lens?

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