Hound Hints

Often I speak about having a 3-2-1 plan. You can read that information HERE. When you’re wondering about cloud storage for your collection, consider FOREVER Storage for your photo legacy.

Why? Because FOREVER is like no other company. You buy your FOrEVER Storage, and it’s yours. No advertising, no data mining. You can also bequeath it to someone. FOREVER promises to preserve your memories for your lifetime plus 100 years, and it’s all backed up by the FOREVER Guarantee.

Your photos will be preserved using the latest technology, and that will give you peace of mind. I know it does for me.

If you want to organize your photos, I’d recommend FOREVER. It’s permanent storage that you can bequeath to someone in your family. FOREVER will preserve your photographs for your lifetime plus 100 years. Seems amazing, but it’s backed by the FOREVER Guarantee Fund. Please accept my invitation to try a 2GB account for free HERE. Your photos are private, and there is no photo mining. It’s really a one-stop shop for your photos. When you sign up, I’ll be your FOREVER Ambassador and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Hound Hints are about DNA, genealogy, and organizing your digital legacy.

If you need help with your project you can sign up for a Free 30-minute session to discuss your project and understand the next step for moving forward. Check my calendar HERE.

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