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As you know I write my blog posts each week and I have to be honest there are times that I need a blog post and I feel like there just isn’t one in me. Thankfully I have a list of ideas that I look at and something comes to me.

Once I had a lady comment on one of my blogs with one of her family stories and I thought it was so interesting that I wrote to her and asked her if she’d like to write it as a guest blog post. She decided that she didn’t want to but it got me to thinking that I could ask you.

So here’s the idea. I’d love to hear your stories. Stories about your hunt for ancestors. Stories of your famous, infamous and not so famous ancestors. Stories about the thrill of the hunt. Categories are (but these are just suggestions);

  • Most admired ancestor – We all have that one ancestor that we are most proud of
  • Famous or Infamous – Do you have an ancestor that was famous or maybe he or she was a bit of a scoundrel
  • Breaking Down Brickwalls – Did you have a brick wall that you managed to break down? Tells us how you did it.
  • Serendipity – That unexplained event that happened by chance that helped you with your genealogy of family history.
  • DNA – Perhaps you have a story about how your DNA helped your genealogy/family history

If you have a story to tell you can send it to  Thank you in advance for your story 



I’m looking for Genealogy and DNA tips. You know that tip that you wish you would have known when you were starting out doing genealogy or DNA research. Even those tips for the more advanced genealogist or genetic genealogist.

What are we going to do with them? Well, that depends. I’m hoping to create a future blog compiling them if I get enough. I will give you credit in the post for your tip and would advise you when the blog will come out. You can send your tips to
Thank you in advance for your tip.

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