Ready Set; Organize


Today we continue with organizing… Well at least I’m try to do that.  The book I was telling you about; The 1-week Self-Organization Challenge by Simon Wright tells us; you have to plan.  My plan is to methodically go through the stack of papers on my desk and deal with them. Not to shuffle them around and let them propagate a new stack of papers.

The book also suggests to set yourself a time limit … which I have done. It also talks about not letting yourself procrastinate. To late that’s how I got myself into this stack of paper. He talks about making sure that when you set a time frame that you make sure that it’s the appropriate amount of time. Not too much and no to little.  He says that if you give yourself too much time that often you take that whole amount of time even though it may  not have been necessary and of course don’t give yourself too little time as then you will feel like you have failed at the task.  I like that idea …

Note; that I have no affiliation with this book it’s just one of the many books that I read that I’d like to pass along.


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