Encourage Those Future Genealogist

Past Present And Future Keys Showing Evolution Or Aging

A few weeks ago I was telling my niece about the things I’ve learned with DNA matching. Over the years I often speak  (ok, not just a little bit, but a lot) about my genealogy searches, but on this occasion,  I really felt like she found it interesting. So then the question came; “should I do my DNA, would that help you?” At the time I didn’t really know what to say, I’ve tested alot of members of my family from both sides and I know that I will get different matches if she test and that’s always helpful. But I didn’t actually give her a definite answer. So now a few weeks later I realize that the correct reply should have been; ABSOLUTELY.

Why? Because after reading an article by  Blaine Bettinger, PhD., J.D., called DNA and the Next Generation  (Part II, but you can access Part I) you realize that by saying this you are encouraging a possible future genealogist. Why is that important? I’ve been working on my family history for over 16 years and at this point I’m not sure who would take it on should something happen to me. I’ve already told my two sons that if they throw it out I’m coming back to haunt them but at the same time I don’t want it to be,  just put away for no one to work on or look at. So a DNA kit might be just the thing to get one of the future generation interested and I’m all for that.

Often the DNA companies have sales;  so the next time they have one, buy a kit for one of your younger generation. You never know, you may just create a “Future Genealogist”.


p.s. I know what my niece and nephews are getting for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho

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