Hot on the Trail at Roots Tech


This week I’m at Roots Tech,  the largest genealogy conference in North America with an estimate of 25,000 people gathering. People from all over the world; such as the self-proclaimed Commonwealth group that I had the pleasure of having dinner with the other night. Genealogist and bloggers from; Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada. There was even a gentleman who was originally from Australia who had traveled from Germany.


Commonwealth group

Photo by Roger Moffat of Roger’s Ramblings 

Why does a person come to Roots Tech? Well it’s an opportunity to be in Salt Lake City and go to the largest genealogy library in the world. A chance to meet so many people who have the same interest as you do and to be able to genealogy speak to your heart’s content to people who are interested in the same subject. Lets face it, that’s not how you sometimes feel when you speak to your own family. A chance to listen to knowledgeable speakers and possibly learn how to break down that brick wall.

The down side to all this, well maybe only for me, is that you end up researching by day and then coming back to your room and staying up until the wee hours in the morning because your hot on the trail of that DNA lead that’s only 100 years old. Finally falling into bed at some unmentionable hour only to be awake 4 hours later  (but actually I think it’s 3 1/2) because you’re thinking about what else you can do before you get on the treadmill and have breakfast and get to the keynote speakers.

Oh well, sleeping is highly over rated and if you can wake up to a view like this then I can sleep next week.

salt lake

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