Addicted to DNA Results

Addiction Key On Keyboard Meaning Vulnerability Or Obsession

Hi my name is Family History Hound and I’m addicted to DNA results. I know this may sound harsh but I have to be realistic with myself.

Everyday I get up in the morning and I check the results of the DNA kits I have on Ancestry. I look at each one and then try to remember what the number of matches was the day before. If there appears to be a new one then my heart starts beating faster and I hover over the “view all DNA matches” button and click.  I scroll down just a little to see if it’s a close match and if it’s not, then I quickly click the new button. Here again I scroll and see if the new match has a tree. My heart sinks if they don’t.

FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) is a similar story. My mtDNA and YDNA results are sent to my inbox and I have to admit my heart skips a beat if I get a 67 marker match on one of my YDNA kits.  I know I could be worse off as I don’t check my autosomal matches daily… I’ve managed to ween myself to every two days and that gives me hope.

I don’t even want to talk about Gedmatch as too many night have been spent analyzing DNA matches and what they could mean.

I know I could and probably should seek help but I don’t think I’m ready just yet.

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