Roll Back Your Clock


Don’t forget that this weekend is that special fall weekend when you roll back your clock. Some of you might be thinking about that one extra hour to sleep, but I’m going to spend it doing genealogy.

Currently, I’m hot on the trail of one of my friend’s ancestors whom I’ve found were wealthy Brewery owners in Essex, England.  Through the census records that I’ve found on I know they had more than a dozen children. I’ve also found several wills  and one that I found showed where my friend’s 3x great-uncle left ­£25,596 in 1896. That’s a lot of money it today’s terms . According  to the currency converter at The National Archives,  in 2005 that would have equaled to, £1,460,507.76 which would equal today to $1,828,993.87 U.S.  and for us Canadians $2,452,955.13 . I find it fun to learn all these things and don’t worry I’m also checking as well as for more information on the family and there are more sites to check.

If I’m not working on my genealogy then I’ll be looking  at my DNA results.  I can’t tell you how often I check to see if I have a new cousin either on AncestryDNA or on Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Just yesterday I checked my brother-in-law’s results only to find a new 3rd cousin for him. This might be the break I need to find his biological parents.

So you can see there are many things that I can do with that extra hour rather than just catching a few ZZZZZ.


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