Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday News


It’s U.S. Thanksgiving and time to enjoy a family occasion that you remember for years to come. You can smell the turkey cooking in the kitchen, and you can hear the sound of children playing  (or arguing) in another room. These are special times and remember to keep your camera ready so you can capture those moments and share those photos. Or maybe it’s time that you get out the old photos and reminisce about a past thanksgiving or family event. I know it can be a very good time to ask other family members “who is that” especially if you have some of the older family members there to help out.


If you have a Flip-Pal­® then you might want to get it out so you can scan any photos you have that your guests might want.  Now’s also a good time to remind everyone to bring their family photos to the Christmas get together so you can continue to share those precious family memories.

Shop the Hound would like to wish all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.


Black Friday

Shop the Hound is having a Black Friday sale that you won’t want to miss. We have everything in our store at 10% off with the promo code “Friday”. So drop by and check out what we have.



DNA Sales 

Now’s the best time to take advantage of the DNA Sales and there are a few that I thought I’d tell you about. After all; I’m always looking for cousins. 

family tree dna

Family Tree DNA got the ball rolling last week and they have everything on sale.

Family Finder DNA kits on for $59.00 U.S.

Or bundle your Autosomal DNA with a YDNA  starting at $188.00 U.S. to $228.00 U.S.

YDNA Kits  37 Markers for $139.00 U.S., 67 Markers $229.00 U.S. or 111 Markers for $319.00 U.S.

mtDNA Full Sequence Kits $179.00 U.S. 

Ancestry has their own sales and we have the links for Canada and the U.S.

U.S. Link  (looks the same but takes you to Ancestry.com)

30% off AncestryDNA Nov 25-28. Cannot be combined with free shipping code. Click the ad above to take advantage . Starts November 24th at 9:00 p.m. Pacific 


Canadian Link  (looks the same but takes you to Ancestry.ca)

Save $50.00 off AncestryDNA. Nov 24-28  Click the ad above to take you to Ancestry.ca Starts November 24th at 9:00 p.m. Pacific 


I’m also providing the links for 23andMe however they don’t have any Black Friday specials. If you order by December 16th you can still get in time for Christmas.

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