It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been busy this week. Doing some shopping, Christmas cooking and making some of my presents. I can’t tell you about the gifts because some of my family might read my blog. But one of the things I’ve done this week was to create the card above. It was easy to do with my Artisan 5 program from Forever. It took me a few minutes. I started the process by choosing a card format, then with my digital art library, I choose this tropical background. Then I added the embellishments from a Christmas digital kit, added my text and sent them off to be printed.  Great, one job off the list. 

If you go to Weekly Treasures you’ll see so many of the treasures we found this week including the products from Forever that are on sale but only until December 5th. Maybe it’s time to let out your creative side. 



Something else I did was put many of the products at Shop the Hound on sale. There is still time to order and receive your package before Christmas. We have things for your genealogy or scrapbook project and even toys for your children or the child within you. So grab a coffee and browse what we have to offer.

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