DNA Cousins Wanted

You know me I’m always looking for cousins and because I live in Canada I’m happy to announce that AncestryDNA is having a sale I’m especially hoping that someone connected with the Beaton/Batten Mystery will test. Recently the Beaton/Batten Mystery had a close connection from Oxfordshire, England. Not sure what that means exactly (I’m working on it) but I do think it means that I’m closer to solving the mystery.

But more about that later.  Here’s the info about the sale.

It’s still summer in Canada and AncestryDNA (Canada) is having a summer sale. Save $30 starting today; August 17 until August 21st. You won’t want to miss this sale.

Ancestry DNA Summer Sale: $30 off in Canada

This gives you an opportunity to fish in so many ponds. Once you have your results you can download the raw data and upload to Family Tree DNA as well as to MyHeritage and to Gedmatch.

Or if you looking for more tests such as YDNA or mtDNA then you’ll want to take advantage of the Family Tree DNA sale. (I know I just said you could transfer your DNA but if you did that then if you wanted to do a YDNA test or mtDNA test you’d still have to send in another sample.  The sale is on all kits and even on your transfer. (When you transfer you get some of your matches for FREE, but if you want the entire list and the ability to contact them then you pay $19 regularly).

Thank you for letting me tell you about the DNA sales and next week it’s back to blogging. I have a couple of new tools to tell you about.

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