Be A #DNA Ambassador

This week I’m spending time in Salt Lake City as an Ambassador for #RootsTech. But I’m more than a RootsTech ambassador I’m a #DNA Ambassador. What is a DNA Ambassador and why should you be one?

If you follow my blog then you know I’m very interested in DNA and I’m using it to solve the Beaton/Batten Mystery as well as to help others with their search.

A couple of weeks ago I met a lady that told me she had a well-documented family history and tree that took her back from the 1700’s . I asked her if she’d done her DNA and she said; no I know my family history I don’t need to. That’s when I told her, but you could be a DNA Ambassador because you have the tree that everyone is striving for and so anyone that connects to you would have a better chance of figuring out their own tree. This really gave her pause. She’d never thought of it that way.

So whether you have a huge tree or just a sapling you to can be a DNA Ambassador. When I work with other often I can discover a person’s connection with someone else with as little as a couple of names from a matches tree.

So how can you become a DNA Ambassador? It’s really easy you just need to take a DNA test. Here is a list of all the DNA tests that you can take.

AncestryDNA – If you haven’t seen an AncestryDNA commercial then you must never watch TV.  If you live in the U.S. you need to go HERE and if you live in Canada you need to go HERE.

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) – I have a special place in my heart for FTDNA as they were the first DNA company that shipped to Canada.

23andMe – I’ve tested at 23andMe but only the genealogy kit. I don’t want to know about my health (my mom died from complications from Alzheimer’s and I’d rather not know, I may in the future but not now). 23andMe offers two types of kits; Genealogy and Genealogy & Health. Note that if you opt for the genealogy kit and change your mind you can upgrade at any time.

MyHeritage – I didn’t originally test here but I’ve transferred my raw data here. If you’ve read my recent blogs you’ll know that    MyHeritage has made huge improvements in matching and I’ve gotten more and better connections.

LivingDNA – is a company out of Britain which I tested at last year. Here they give you your mtDNA and your ethnic origins and if you are male you’d also get your Y-DNA information.  In the future, they plan to be able to provide matches which I’m looking forward to as many of my family lines go back to England.

So I encourage you to become a DNA Ambassador. You never know who you might help and what cousins you may find. After all, I’m always looking for cousins.


Note: when considering to do a DNA test be aware that you may discover things that you didn’t know about your family or discover an immediate family member that you weren’t aware of. 

Thanks to Bonnie B for brainstorming with me about this subject. 


  • Nelda Blay says:

    I’ve had my DNA done though Ancestry so how do I become a DNA Ambassador

    • Nelda, by doing your DNA you are already a DNA Ambassador. Spread the word. Let people know about your experience. Tell people what they need to do and how easy the process is. Many people don’t understand the process so for that reason they won’t test.

  • Amanda says:

    This would actually be something amazing for my husband. He is adopted, and his birth mother found him a few years ago. However, she passed away and didn’t tell him who his father was. He did the AncestryDNA test, and found some possible cousins on his birth dad’s side. It’s still a mystery as to who he is.

    I would love to find out more and how to have him work with you if possible.