Take the World Backup Day Pledge

You never know what could happen. Computers can crash and photo albums can be lost or ruined.  Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get the peace of mind and back up your memories for future generations today.Don’t lose what you can’t replace. Take the pledge.

I solemnly swear to back up my important documents and precious memories on March 31st. – World Backup Day Pledge

Remember the backup rule of three.

  • 3 copies of anything you care about on your computer
  • 2 different formats – Example: Evernote+Hard Drive, Dropbox+Hard Drive
  • 1 off-site backup

You know how much effort you put into the work on your computer. Whether it’s your family history, your digital photo collection or digital scrapbooking projects. Hours and hours of your precious time. That’s why I have several methods that I use to back up my files and photos.

First of all, I have an automated daily backup routine set up on iDrive. This means that every day a mirror of my computer is saved on iDrive so that I have the peace of mind that should something happen to my computer I’m covered and can be back up and running probably within hours.

You can back up your computer on iDrive too and I’ve negotiated an exclusive deal so that you can save 75% on your first year. So you only pay $17.38 U.S.  You can click the ad below or you can go directly HERE

I also have an external hard drive that backs up my entire computer daily.  I purchase a 2TB external drive and it back my entire computer while I sleep.

The other things that I do is I use a product that I sell. It’s called PictureKeeper. PictureKeeper looks like a regular USB jump drive but what makes it unique is that once you plug it in and tell it to search your computer you can walk away and PictureKeeper will search your computer, find any photo you have and save it to the jump drive. No more searching and saving photos for you. They don’t even have to be in one place. It’s neat because Picturekeeper maintains the file presentation so you know exactly where that photo is on your computer and now you have all your photos on the flash drive to use as you wish.

Recently I was asked if PictureKeeper was archival and that’s a tough question. Technology is always changing and you have to ensure that you are using more than one system for all your files. So that means backing up on an external drive as well as using cloud storage. That brings me to the other product I use for my photos. I have literally every photo that I’ve taken stored on Forever.com.

I converted to Forever when I heard about their guarantee. They guarantee your photos for your lifetime plus 100 years. You are buying storage and there are no re-occurring fees. You own the content and retain the rights. If technology changes your files change with them. Best of all your files are stored the way you took them.  Forever doesn’t compress your photos and they store them as full-resolution files.

Don’t take my word for it. You can try Forever yourself and get 2GB of photo storage for FREE.

What I like is now I have all my photos not only on my Picturekeeper jumpdrive but on Forever so I can use them for my next digital scrapbooking project.

 So take the challenge on March 31st, don’t put it off,  and start backing up your files and photos so you never have to worry about those precious things on your computer.

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