We Interrupt This Road Trip for Breaking News

We’re still on the road but I wanted to stop by to tell you about a few things that I think you won’t want to miss. You can save on DNA kits and much more.  Sorry, but my brother’s didn’t call me the Coupon Queen for nothing.

Father’s Day is coming on June 17 and all the DNA companies have their DNA kits on sale. Why pay the regular price if you can save.  You can find all the pricing on the kits on our Genealogy and DNA Treasure page HERE.

I’ve spoken about Forever.com before but I wanted to let you know about something new which is collaborative albums. If you’re not sure what this is or how it works, watch this quick 4 min Forever Tip video by my friend; Deanna Johnson. Great for sports teams, family reunions, dance groups, friends, travel buddies and genie collaborators.

One of the other things I wanted to tell you about is that Forever is having Christmas in June.  So if you’ve thought about organizing your photos you might be interested in the program I use called Forever Historian. Forever Historian allows you to organize your photos, tag photo so that you can easily find them again and create albums. You can try it for free or buy it now at 40% off.

Or maybe you’re thinking you’d like to explore your creative side and create that special photo book. I ‘ve used it to create vacation books and family heritage books. You can too with Forever Artisan and it’s on sale at 40% off.

Or you may want to consider Forever Storage; that’s actually why I got involved with the company, I literally have everything up to this point store at Forever.com. It was their guarantee that sold me. Their guarantee is to protect your photos for your lifetime plus 100 years. You can give anyone access and you can designate someone as the beneficiary of your photos.

You can get more information about all the special at Forever.com by going to Deals and don’t forget to create your 2GB photo storage account for FREE and when you do so you’ll get a $10 certificate for a future purchase. I’d love to help you so be sure to make me your Ambassador.

If you have any questions about DNA or Forever.com please feel to contact me; Ellen Thompson-Jennings at [email protected].

Stay tuned next week our blog will be about collections. Do you have one? Did someone in your family?


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