Canadian Thanksgiving 2020

This year’s Thanksgiving is going to be different from other years, that’s for sure. Everyone is thinking of ways to have a family get together and still keep social distancing in mind.

I think I may just invite my son’s over for an outside bonfire and a piece of Pumpkin Pie.. one of our family favorites. That way, everyone can still get together, have a visit, enjoy a bit of the outdoors, stay warm, and not have that close contact.

I thought I’d give you some ideas for other things to do over the holiday weekend.

  • Ancestry Canada is having a free Access weekend on selected records for Thanksgiving from October 8 – 12th. Learn more about your Canadian Roots by searching this vast collection. You’ll have access to Immigration records, Occupational records, BMD’s, Census, Wills & Probates, Land, Tax, Voter Lists. You can find out more HERE
  • With free access to MyHeritage, you could enhancement and colorization your photos. You’ll be able to enhance your black and white photos and then take them one step further by colorizing them. Or you can just enhance those color photos. Once complete, they are saved to your account, and you are also able to download them. You’ll have to create a free account for access, and this gives you the ability to use this tool for a few photos, but if you have more, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. You can see some of what I’ve done on a previous blog HERE. You can find out more HERE.
  • At Vivid-Pix, you can RESTORE 10 photos or documents for FREE before you have to purchase. Give your photos the Vivid-Pix fix and see what a difference it can make. Or perhaps you have documents that you just can’t read. By enhancing them with RESTORE, you’ll be able to squeeze every bit of information you can from those records. You can find out more HERE.

Be sure to come back and tell me what you’ve found or created over the weekend. I’d love to hear about it. You can email me at

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