Playing With My Photos

Lately, I’ve been scanning some old photos of my father that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. They were a little faint, and so today, I thought I’d see what the enhancement and coloration at MyHeritage would do for them.

Have a look at the before and then I’ll show you the after.

If you weren’t already aware one of the features that come with membership at MyHeritage is enhancement and coloration. (Note that MyHeritage is offering a 14-day trial and 50% off a subscription.. you can find out more HERE.)

So you not only get access to millions of records and trees, but you also can improve the photos for your tree. So you see, the photos of my dad are pretty faint. The process is easy; upload the photo, then choose, enhance, and in seconds that process is complete, and I figure what the heck…why not colorize them and see what they look like. Here’s the final product.

Can you say OMG? I could play with this all day long.

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