My Virtual Cemetery At FOREVER

As a genealogist, I’m sure you’ve been to your fair share of cemeteries. I enjoy going so much that I’ve been to every cemetery tour in Edmonton, Alberta. If you’ve never been on one of these types of tours in your city, you need to check it out because it’s a great way to learn the history of your city and the people who made your city what it is today.

I always joke that no vacation is complete until you’ve gone to the cemetery because often it’s on our list of “to do’s,” and I’ve taken my fair share of cemetery headstone photos. Most are family headstones, but when I was in England, I went on a tour, and there were some headstones that I thought were works of art.

So with my ongoing work on getting “my poop in a group” and saving my genealogy FOREVER, I decided it would be great to set up an album for those photos.

Setting it up is easy, and if you don’t have an account, you can set one up for FREE and give it a try. When you log in to your account, you can go to the right side and click those three lines (I call that the hamburger). Then choose either your genealogy/family history album or add a new album by clicking “create new.” If you have a genealogy/family history album, you can always create a nested album, and that’s actually what I’ve done. So it’s added to the other albums I have, such as Family Heirlooms, Family Audio, Thompson 8mm Films. All the things I’ve written about before in my effort to Save my Genealogy FOREVER.

Then I’ve created additional nested albums for each of the cemeteries that the headstones are from. On each cemetery, I can enter any amount of information, I could write a brief history of the cemetery or write about the families that are buried there, or just the cemetery’s physical address and phone number.

As you can see, I have my album set to private, but if I wanted, I can change that and other information such as the description just by editing the album. I can set the access to “friends and family” or “public.”

Then, I can enter the information I want in the lightbox (as shown below). That information will be in whatever folder contains those photos. You can see this photo is in both the Headstone album I had started before and now my Virtual Cemetery album.

Also, note that I’ve tagged each of the people listed on the headstone as well as the cemetery.

I really believe that having all your genealogy information stored in FOREVER can make your genealogy easily accessible and secure. Unlike another site that you can store your information on, where once you’ve canceled your subscription, you don’t have the same access to your information, and it could even be deleted. With a paid FOREVER account, I know that not only do I have access, but everyone in my family that I give access to, can enjoy it now and for more than 100 years.

This information is also accessible from my FOREVER app installed on my phone, so it’s always handy when I’m out somewhere and I’m looking for information about my genealogy.

More and more as I discover other ways to save my genealogy I’m loving FOREVER.

Note: I am a FOREVER Senior Ambassador but I’ve done my homework and I believe in the FOREVER Guarantee and that’s why I joined the company. So know that if you sign up through my links I’ll be your Ambassador and I’ll help you however I can to preserve your Genealogy FOREVER.

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