Save Your Memories With A FOREVER Box

What if I told you that you could preserve your memories just by taking them out of their old dusty boxes and putting them in a pretty new FOREVER Box?

Well, that’s exactly what I did. I had a box of 8mm film videos that my parents had taken. They were from the ’60s and ’70s. My brother, Craig, had digitized them about 15 years ago and put them on a DVD but guess what? Although we both had copies, our families had moved in fifteen years, and we couldn’t find the DVD.

So in November, I purchased a FOREVER Box, and I filled it up with 14 of the 25 videos that were in that shoebox we’d retrieved from my dad’s home.

Because my brother had digitized them before and he had put sticky notes on them, I knew what some of the videos were of. There was one of us going to a local zoo and of me riding an elephant. There was also one of our family going to California in 1970.

But hands down, the one I wanted to see was one that said Nana’s birthday. Nana was my great-grandmother that I’d interviewed when I got interested in genealogy.

So I packed the box and sent it back promptly to receive a discount for doing just that. You can see how I filled the box in a video I posted on my YouTube channel HERE.

So yesterday, I was notified that my videos have been added to my account. So I spent much of the day watching the videos and then tagging the people in the videos and writing the stories of what each video contained.

That video of my Nana’s birthday is marked with a heart because it’s so precious. There are fifteen people in that video, and thirteen of those are from the older generation. Only three of that generation are still with us. So I saw my great grandmother on what was probably her 80th birthday blowing out the candles on her cake. I saw my grandfather, Harold horsing around, and boxing with his son Ken (my Uncle Ken passed away just one week ago). Not only is my grandfather on the video, but so is my grandmother, Gladys. She’s been gone since 1965, so I know that the video is from before that date.

There is another video that I’m posting to YouTube that you can watch. (note that the quality of the view on YouTube I don’t think is the same as when I watch it live-streamed from my account one FOREVER)

The video is from the trip to California in 1970. My parents weren’t the best filmmakers, but they had gotten a bit better, and the part I love is where my brothers are at Universal Studios driving a stationary jalopy with a screen playing behind it, and a man walks through the video. BTW the babe in the film with the belly shirt is none other than yours truly.

There are a couple of other videos from that same trip that I may post later (so subscribe to my channel) that show Disneyland in 1970 and Los Angeles’s streets back in the day. There are some iconic buildings from those days, like the Brown Derby and Capital Records.

So if you have some videos in a closet or under the bed. Maybe you need to dust them off and send them to FOREVER.

The best part of all this is that the old DVD with these videos might be lost, but these videos are now in my account, and they will be there for over 100 years, and that’s priceless.

FOREVER boxes come in three sizes, and each FOREVER Box comes with a set conversion credit $ value, which is equal to the list price of the box. (Even if you get a special price). That credit is applied to the total cost of the things you’re having converted.

Coupon Queen advice, always remember to go to the DEALS tab to see if there is a special on FOREVER Boxes and if there is, be sure to purchase the box size with a conversion credit that fits your need. The reason I say this is if you’re getting a percentage off that’s on the box. Sure, you might be able to fit your items in a smaller box, but then you’ll have exceeded the credit and will have to pay for overages. Sometimes there are deals for overages, but they are never as high as the discount you get on the box. If you’re not sure which size is right, I’m here to offer my advice.

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