The Genie Journal Is Coming To Amazon

What is a Genie Journal? It’s anything you’d like it to be because it includes plenty of space to journal or to compile your genealogy research or DNA notes. But it’s so much more. There are genealogy and DNA tips from Genealogists from around the globe and prompts to help you journal and share the interesting stories you find about your ancestors. 

Plenty of charts and interesting facts throughout the book, and there’s even a section for you, “The Star.” 

This is a treasure you’ll be able to pass down to future generations, and with two covers to choose from, you can pick the one that speaks to you. 

Journal size is 8×10

We are only a few short days away from publication on Amazon. Sign up HERE and you’ll be notified when The Genie Journal will be available to order. Or order directly from our store; Shop the Hound.

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