The Ancestry DNA Reveal Is Coming

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every time you go into your DNA results at Ancestry for the past month it seems, you’ve seen a promising banner that says

Coming soon
AncestryDNA® results will be updated with even more precision this September.

So what are we waiting for? It’s the yearly review and update to the Ancestry ethnicity estimates. Each year Ancestry makes changes by adding new reference groups, and they refine the groups they have even more.  You see, to determine your ethnicity, Ancestry takes your DNA and compares it to each of the reference groups in their reference panel. The reference groups are made up of people whose families have been in that region for generations. From that information, they give you your ethnicity.

But that’s not what I’m waiting for…

I’m waiting to find new cousins. You see, since Ancestry is about to have an update, they’ve been holding back on releasing newly processed kits. This makes sense… because if you were a new DNA kit owner, you’d wonder if your results changed within days of getting your kit results, and that wouldn’t make any sense…

So I’m patiently… (well, maybe that’s the wrong word) waiting for September 17th to see if I have any new cousins, and perhaps I’m just a bit curious about what might change in my ethnicity.

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