Are You Checking Your Old Cameras?

First of all, I wanted to ask you. Did you know your old cameras might have value? Some of you might be like me and have an old, sometimes inexpensive camera lying around the house. I was sorting through my eBay “death pile” (those are boxes that I have stuff in them, but they haven’t been listed on eBay yet.)

So as I was going through the one box, I came across two cameras. I know they both had worked, and I think one was my parent’s cameras, but I always check to see if they are of any value and if they could be sold on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

Each camera wasn’t worth a lot separately, but I might list them as a lot. But here’s where the actual value of the cameras was. When I was checking for SD cards, each of them had one. So I checked, and one had photos from a Las Vegas Trip in 2014 and a Zoo trip with my Dad in 2016, all of which I hadn’t put on my FOREVER account. The second SD card also had about 18 photos, but all had been inputted onto FOREVER. That second one was only a 2GB card. That would be an old one.

Did you know that SD cards have a life span of 5 years? S I’ll be throwing them away because both were of an age that they might fail and that would never do. So now all have been uploaded to FOREVER, and the files have been cleared from the SD Card before I throw them away.

Now to continue working on that “death pile.”

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