My Digital Preservation Story

My digitization story is like many of yours might be. My parents left me boxes and boxes of their albums and videos, and I felt a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility that I was the person that was supposed to preserve them for the family.

Getting the job don’t didn’t happen overnight, but I committed to doing what I could when I could.

You know the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” That’s how I did it. I scanned a little every day. I would scan while I watched television, and I had scanning coffee parties with my cousins, and sometimes I bought FOREVER Boxes.

There are two types of boxes, Standard and Specialty. Standard, you choose the number of items, so 2, 10, or 20. There are often sales for the boxes, so I encourage you to check the DEALS page.

In the case of the item boxes, even if you have a few more than the size of the box you purchased, you can add things, and as long as you return the package in 12 weeks, you’ll get the same % off their digitization. In the Specialty box, you are purchasing a dollar value, so if you bought a $59.99 US box and the discount made the box less, you’d still get the $59.99 value in digitization. These boxes are made for oversized items, digital transfers, and orders that require a lot of organization.

Once your items are digitized, you can have them loaded to your FOREVER account or put on a Flash Drive. Either way, you will get all your items returned to you.

Now you know my story… what’s your digital preservation story?

Need help? I’d be happy to work with you and get the job done. Accept my invitation, and I’ll message you or go to the contact page.

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