January 28th 2023 Is Data Privacy Day

Tomorrow is Data Privacy Day, and I thought I’d pass along three tips for keeping your data private.

  1. Protect sensitive information with strong passwords and encryption.
    Using strong passwords makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to
    access your accounts and sensitive information.
  2. Limit access to personal data to only those who need it for a specific purpose.
    Doing so reduces the risk of unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of
    sensitive information, which can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or
    other types of harm.
  3. Don’t overshare on social media. Oversharing on social media can impact your personal and professional life. Personal information shared online can be used for identity theft or other malicious purposes.

I follow these rules myself, and I am also protective of my photos from data mining. Data mining photos helps companies find trends and patterns, and this information is used to target ads and sell products.

I protect my photos by storing my personal photos with FOREVER Storage, where I know they are private and FOREVER won’t data mine. FOREVER will not sell or rent your personal information, disclose your information to third parties, or sell advertising against your content. You retain full ownership of your account and can download and delete as you see fit.

If you’d like to try FOREVER Storage, please accept my invitation HERE, and you’ll receive 2GB of FOREVER Storage to use.

If you’d like to learn more about managing your account, you can click HERE.

How is FOREVER different from other cloud storage services?

  • You own your storage. You aren’t renting it. Once you pay your one-time payment or finish your 24 monthly payments, you will not pay anything more unless you want to purchase more space.
  • Your set up a beneficiary. I’ve set up my children as my beneficiaries. They can help me organize my photos if I want, but they can never delete my photos (not even those baby pictures that they might not like)
  • You get the FOREVER Guarantee. FOREVER promises to preserve your memories for your lifetime plus 100 years. This is possible because the guarantee is backed up by a carefully managed endowment-style fund.

Protect your data privacy it’s important.

PS for those of you who already own FOREVER, you already know.

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