Too Many Tabs Tuesday

(The tools and tabs listed here may not be new to you, but they are new to me, or I’ve forgotten them and found them again, lol.)

This post and the many posts I hope to write will be dedicated to all the blogs and tools I come across that I’d like to keep for myself, but perhaps they would also be helpful to you. Some weeks the list may be short, and some may be long. It’s my way of cleaning up all the tabs I open, thinking I will come back, only to find myself with too many tabs open. At today’s writing, I have forty-three, but I won’t write about them all as some are multiple tabs open on Ancestry and MyHeritage.

I hope you find this week’s list helpful. Why not post in the comments how many tabs you have open today

  1. RETROactive – Indigenous Resources Guide at the Provincial Archives of Alberta, a blog about the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA) and their mission to acquire, preserve and make records available to the people of Alberta. This blog also talks about their recent publication, The Indigenous Resources Guide, published on the PAA site in April 2023.
  2. Emma Stirling – Died Unmarried an Amazon link to a book that I’m buying about Emma Stirling, who played a significant role in the migration of children to Canada. Written by Lori Oschefski, the President of Home Children Canada (BHCARA).
  3. Speak about British Home Children. I also had this tab open where you can search names on the Registry. I became interested in this group when I wondered if William Beaton (my great-grandfather might have been a British Home Child.
  4. Wet Felting: Creating Texture, Pattern and Structure – one of my friends was commenting about doing a project like this, and I thought I’d check it out. I put the book on my wish list as I need to finish up a few other projects before I start something new.
  5. Celebrating 2,000 Webinars! Plus 10 tips you can use today – I signed up for this webinar, and if you haven’t, you still have time because it doesn’t take place until Fri, Jul 14, 2023: at 12:00 PM MDT. It’s a free webinar to celebrate Legacy Family Tree’s achievement of 2,000 webinars. Webinars are free on the date of the webinar and for one week after. Then you’ll have to subscribe to watch.
  6. A blog by Paul Chiddicks called Bringing Him Home. The story of a mother’s love and her quest to bring her son home.

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You can always catch up on my past posts on the Too Many Tabs Tuesday Archive page.

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  • So right now I only have 4 tabs open: Yahoo email, Storied, your blog, and my Google Calendar. I just got a free account with from and I am checking it out.