Too Many Tabs Tuesday

The tools and tabs listed here may not be new to you, but they are new to me, or I’ve forgotten them and found them again, lol.)

This post and the many posts I hope to write will be dedicated to all the blogs and tools I’d like to keep for myself, but perhaps they would also be helpful to you. Some weeks the list may be short, and some may be long. It’s my way of cleaning up all the tabs I open, thinking I will return, only to find myself with too many open tabs. At today’s writing, I have thirty-one, but I won’t write about them all as some are multiple tabs open on Ancestry and MyHeritage.

I hope you find this week’s list helpful. Why not post in the comments how many tabs you have open today?

1. The Incredible Journey…………. – The Chiddicks Family Tree The last of Paul Chiddicks’ 2x great-grandparents.

2. Royal B.C. Museum – Genealogy Search – General Search – did you know that you can search births (1854-1903), marriages (1871-1946), deaths (1872-2001), colonial marriages (1859-1872), and baptisms (1836-1888)? Best of all, if you find a record and there is an image, you get immediate access, and there is no charge.

3. I admit that I have this tab open almost every week. Newspaper can not only provide information about your family, but you can find out what things cost, what people were concerned about, really just learn about the time period whether it’s your family or not. There are two types of subscriptions. I have the higher level called Publisher’s Extra because that’s the only way I get The Edmonton Journal.

4. Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 I was doing some research for a client, and I noticed that they landed in Halifax, so I wanted to read up on Pier 21. None of my family arrived in Halifax, so although I knew about Pier 21, I really didn’t “know.”

5. Effective Strategies for Contacting DNA Matches If you’ve tested at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), then this article will help you navigate the site. But even if you haven’t, this article explains what to say in your contact email. They even provide templates just in case you’re stuck.

6. toketaWare – I’ll let you know that I haven’t downloaded this yet. Haven’t had a chance. It’s a mindmapping tool that I saw someone use to show a DNA connection that I thought was cool. It works for Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. So I was going to give it a try. If you do, please come back here and tell me about it.

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You can always catch up on my past posts on the Too Many Tabs Tuesday Archive page.

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