Who Would You DNA Test?

I think my choice would be either my great grandfather William Beaton or my grandfather; Harold Thompson. But the thing is if I could test them then I could just ask them the questions I want answers for.


  • Patricia Rockwell says:

    I do know his name, but not where he came from or his life.
    Can’t find birth or country
    Can’t find marriage
    My visit to the Ukraine village they pointed to pricker bushes. Where he was buried. Abt 1937
    During the War the village had been destroyed,
    And starved.
    Only proof of my Dad’s parents was from Birth certificate, in Mass. Also his brother’s cert. , who died on the way back to Ukraine. No records
    I do have information on my Dad’s mother.
    Thank you!

  • Patricia says:

    It for sure would be my Paternal Grandfather…. Would love to know his history of that line. Even had done my brother which did not lead me to any lines.

  • I would test my dad with a big Y 700 test. I would also like to test my great grandma Hurt who died in the 50s to help find her missing dad.

  • Robert Hobbs says:

    DNA test. For me that’s a no brainer, my paternal great grandfather. With his DNA perhaps I could identify his mother, a woman I have been searching for for the last 30 years.

  • Marcy Belles says:

    I’m like you, my grandparents (all four of them).

  • Donna Gauthier Shanks says:

    I would test Charlotte Roussel, my first FIlle du Roi ancestor. She married Pierre Gauthier dit Saguingorra and had 8 children. Charlotte was captured by the Iroquois during the August 5th, 1689 Lachine massacre. She died in captivity, her date of death is unknown. I would also like to test my husband’s Great Great Grandmother Marie Venerande Dupre who is a brick wall. She died abt 1871 and I have been searching for her ancestry for years.