Limited time offer: Upload your DNA to MyHeritage and get FREE advanced features

I have great news of a limited-time offer from MyHeritage: if you’ve taken a DNA test with another service, you can upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and enjoy all advanced DNA features for free, forever!

Uploading your DNA to MyHeritage can open a whole new world of discoveries. For each DNA file that you upload, you’ll receive free access to all advanced DNA features, saving you the usual $29 unlock fee per kit.

Why upload to MyHeritage:

High-resolution ethnicity reports covering 2,114 geographic regions
Huge DNA database of 7.3 million people
The best service for European DNA matching
Innovative tools for tracing your relationship to your DNA Matches
Full privacy controls: only you can see your data
MyHeritage is the only company to commit to never sell data to insurance companies and prohibits the use of its DNA services by law enforcement

What’s included:

Upload your DNA data to enjoy the following features for free, now and in the future:

Ethnicity Estimate and Genetic Groups
Trees of DNA Matches (view trees)
Shared DNA Matches
Pedigree charts
Shared ancestral places
Chromosome browser
Theory of Family Relativity™

Upload your DNA data to MyHeritage today to access all of these benefits. MyHeritage supports DNA data files from Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA’s Family Finder, and 23andMe. This offer expires on October 8, 2023

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