A Tongue In Cheek Open Letter To My DNA Cousin (Raw Data)

Dear DNA Cousin; First of all I want to tell you how happy I was when we connected. Over the years our families have drifted apart, but I understand, we all … Continue Reading →

PICNIC, It’s Not What You Think

  Sometime when you working on a program whether it’s a genealogy program or any other program it can be frustrating. The bigger frustration is when you realize it’s a … Continue Reading →

Ebay, Etsy, Facebook , Amazon…. All For Genealogy?

You may look at the title of this blog and think; “What is she going on about?”. But it’s true because I’ve used all these site,  for just that, genealogy. … Continue Reading →

Are You Using Pinterest For Your Genealogy?

I know many of you use Pinterest for vacation ideas, recipes, hairdo photos and many other things. But have you every thought about using Pinterest for your family history? One idea … Continue Reading →