Are your reading or listening to Genealogy Books..

Do you read genealogy books? I don’t just mean “how to books” or local history books, I’m talking about novels. There are many titles available that will bring your love … Continue Reading →

Are You Backing Up Your Files? No Really, Are You?

Something that we are always told we should do,  but  most often, we think  “that won’t happen to me ” or “I’ll do that someday”.  Don’t take the chance with … Continue Reading →

Going to a Genealogy Conference

Something that I look forward to as a genealogist is going to conferences. I’ve been to genealogy conferences with 100 people and I’ve been to Roots Tech in Salt Lake … Continue Reading →

I Swear, That I Won’t Hit the Amazon Easy Button

I don’t know about you but I think I’m in love with Amazon. But not just Amazon; Amazon Kindle.  I find it all to easy to search out books that … Continue Reading →

Can’t Find that Birth Record?

Sometimes when you’re looking for a birth record you can be disappointed because it’s not there and it should be. Before your disappointed, check the other children’s in the families birth … Continue Reading →


This article was originally posted on May 21, 2015 (The first photo I took first)  (The second, well, read below you’ll understand) Very early in my family history, I heard … Continue Reading →

It’s May, It Must be Jennings Month

When I first started doing Genealogy I decided that I’d have a family of the month.  What that meant was that you worked on one family for the month and … Continue Reading →

Discoveries in Your Own Home

When your just getting into your family history  you don’t realize all the things you have available at your fingertips… well maybe they are tucked away in a drawer or … Continue Reading →

Take Up Genealogy You’ll Make New Friends (Family)

One thing that happened by taking up this hobby (obsession??) that I’d never thought of was that you meet new friends.. well in actual fact they are distance family. The … Continue Reading →

The X Chromosome

When you get the results from your autosomal DNA kit one of  things you learn about is the X chromosome.  X chromosome is one of the 23 chromosomes you obtain … Continue Reading →